Welcome to my Carpenter Webpage. I love the music group the Carpenters. My favorite song of all time is Top of the World. I hope you enjoy your stay.  This page is dedicated to the lovely Karen Carpenter who passed a way February 4, 1983. She was only with us 32 years but she is definitely missed.    A new tribute page of the Carpenters.   Visit Jenny Sinclair's Webpage

Introducting the Shaw Brothers.  Rick and Ron Shaw  "The Shaw Brothers"  while being part of Folk music has a unique style similar to the Carpenters.   They are twin brothers whos medley's sound so much like the Carpenters sytle of music.   They blend in so great they are wonderful.  To listen to some of their styles I encourage you to check them out here.  Shaw Brothers

Welcome to my Carpenter Page.  I had to move it here due to Geocities closing.  I hope that everything works.  If not please contact me at bltzorro.geo@yahoo.com

  1. Argentina
  2. Can's Smile Without You
  3. We've Only Just Begun
  4. Top of the World
  5. Desperado
  6. Please Mr. Postman
  7. Breaking Up is Hard To Do
  8. I Won't Last a Day Without You
  9. Sing
  10. Theres A Kind Of Hush
  11. Close To You
  12. For All We Know
  13. Hurting Each Other
  14. Only Yesterday
  15. Good Bye To Love
  16. It's Going To Take Some Time
  17. Yesterday Once More
  18. Sweet Sweet Smile
  19. Jambalaya
Top of the World

  1. Country
  2. Top 1
  3. Top 2
  4. Top 3
  5. Top 4
  6. Top 5
  7. Top 6
Artist:  Carpenters, Lynn Anderon, John Fox, Tony Mottola, Harold Winkler,
Lenny Dee, Floyd Cramer, David Snell, Pete Moore  and more have done this song.
 It's great.

I'm also a big Carpenter Fan. I have been ever since the first time I heard Top of the World. They recorded a bunch of other songs I like as well, like: Beachwood 45789, Please Mr. Postman, and also Neil Sedaka's song Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. Karen's and Richard's melody can never be touched (my opinion). Karen could go from a fast beat song to a more relaxing side of the song. She could also sing in the Spanish Language "Sing". She was multi-tallented. Although Karen is no longer with us, she died at the age of 32 from compliations of anorexia nervosa, her voice will continue to live on and inspire other fans I hope. Karen you are missed.

I have also added some new photos.  Enjoy!  I'm am unable to put any sound files up due to copyrighted materials.  We can enjoy the small Mid files though.