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All sounds are in WAV format. Not everyone has access to MP3, Real Audio and other formats. WAV works with netscapes media player and therefore has the best chance for everyone to hear it. New GraphicsSounds Page Two (New and Fixed ).  bltzorro.geo@yahoo.com

Walt Disney 1 (new sound)

New Zorro 1 - The Guy! Ghost of the Mission (for Halloween) Zorro Episode Guide - New Zorro by
 David Nesbitt and William L. Thomas
New Zorro 2 - The Girl! Cartoon 1997 - New Adventures of Zorro 1997 Season 1
Sound Byte 1 - Whereabouts" Sound Byte 2 - "Devils Fortress" Season 2
Sound Byte 3 - "One for All" Sound Byte 4 - "Dead Men Tell no Tales" Season 3
Sound Byte 5 - "Discovery" Sound Byte 6 - "Double Entendre" Season 4
Sound Byte 7 - "Master and Pupil" Sound Byte 8 - Whereabouts 2
Sound Byte 9 - The Legend Begins Sound Byte 10 - The Secret of El Zorro  Zorro Theme
Sound Byte 11 - Honor Thy Father Sound Byte 12 - Like Father, Like Son
Sound Byte 13 - Unmasking Zorro Sound Byte 14 - Adios El Cuchill
Sound Byte 15 - Aculd Aquaintance Sound Byte 16 - Double Entendre 2 
Mask of Zorro Mark of Zorro - Tyrone Power Version  Zorro Gum Cards
Friendly Reminder New Commadante
Happy Birthday Garcia Zorro Rides Tonight
A Fathers Dream Presenting Senor Zorro

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