Finally Revealed
Chapter Three

 Dust flew up everywhere as the masked man guide through the hills chasing the mysterious man.  Little drops of sweat slowly slide down his face, he can feel the pain of the wound he received, it’s a good thing it’s only a scratch, or else it could have been worse.

“ I’ve seen that man before” Zorro thought, “ But where?”

He caught the man was about to aim a pistol at him, but before he could even pull the trigger, Zorro had reached to his belt and retrieved his whip.  He slashed it towards the pistol with lightening swiftness he jerked it away from the man without even touching his skin. He uncocked it and tucked it into his banda.  Seeing the distance getting smaller, again he slashed the whip and it whirled perfectly on the mans waist, the man struggled to release it but the fox was just to fast for him.  Zorro flashed a grin and gave the whip a little tug, the man yelped and down to the dusty ground he went.  Tornado stopped where the man had fallen.  Zorro dismounted and walked towards him.  The man intended to escape, but then was stopped by a shinning silver steel.

“ Very wise senor,” Zorro said as he pulled his collar, “ Now let’s get you back to the pueblo and see what the governor shall say about this”

“ Ha! Let’s see how surprised you can get, de la vega!” The man replied with an evil grin on his face.

Zorro looked at the man with wide eyes, “ Desoto…What are you doing here?”

Desoto grinned at him, “ Why, de la vega, don’t you know my purpose?  I thought the whole pueblo just witnessed the whole action, I’m greatly surprised to hear that you have missed it.” He said sarcastically.  Diego let go of his collar, not talking his eyes off his enemy and stated, “ You are still angry are you not? Angry that I won the duel and to kill the governor because he was one of the moderators eight years ago at the university, that is not a question.”

“ Si Diego, you haven’t change at all, still so intelligent and cunning with the blade,” Desoto smirked, “ But not too sharp!!” He said as he took out another pistol he had hidden and discharged.  Diego, not having enough time to get away was shot right in the shoulder.   He slumped down to the ground, clutching the wound; he could feel the blood racing out of the wound.
“ Ha! Ha! So this is the so called fox that the lazy people were talking about,” Desoto snorted, “ Well, they will be so disappointed won’t they eh? Ha! Ha!”
He kept on laughing looking at the project he had perfectly done.

Blackness was whirling in front of Diego, “ This is not good.” He thought as Desoto polished his saber.  Eight years ago when Diego was a junior at the university, Desoto was a senior.  The university held an annual duel contest that students of all levels can participate.  Desoto was one off the great swordsman, so he thought he would win the Madrid Fencing Medal easily.  But then he had never thought that he would lose against a junior! From that time, he had hated Diego since, practicing everyday just to seek an unnecessary revenge. Now eight years had past, he will finally get his wish.

Smirking as he unsheathed his sword, he said, “ Ah, Diego, I had waited this day for a long time, I can finally get rid of you and become the greatest swordsman alive!” Diego clutched his wound tightly as dizziness fell upon him, he has no strength left to duel with him, or even run, he’s going die under this man’s hands.

Just as Desoto was about to thrust the pointed end in his chest, a rearing sound interrupted him.  He turned and saw Tornado came running towards him, tossing his hoofs onto Desoto body, he tried to kill the great stallion with his saber but the animal fights faithfully for his beloved master, thrusting his hoofs against him, Desoto ran to his mare and mounted, Tornado still didn’t stop.  Desoto shouted at the almost unconscious Diego, “ De la vega! This is not the end! I will come back for you!” That’s when he saw soldiers riding by, he rode away quickly leaving Diego behind.

The soldiers were to slow for Desoto, but they manage to get to the place where Zorro was.  When they got there, Zorro had already mounted and was about to ride.  Dizziness is still around, he feels as if the wound is going to burst open quickly.

“ I better get back to Bernado fast or I’ll die.” He thought as sergeant Garcia rode up to him and said, “ Senor Zorro! Are you all right?” The fat sergeant eyed the man in black, he could tell that something is wrong by the paleness on his face.

“ Nothing is wrong sergeant,” Zorro said with a weak smile, “ You better go after that man or you will be yelled at again.”  Knowing that saying that is useless but he had find a way to get out of there.
“ But Senor Zorro, how can you not catch him?” The sergeant asked unbelievably.  He is clear that Zorro can catch any bandit that comes around.

“ I had a little difficulty sergeant, now if you will excuse me, I will take my leave.” Zorro replied as he turned Tornado towards the rode back to the hacienda. “ Adios, sergeant.” He called; again dust flew around him as he rode painfully away.

“ But Senor Zorro! How about the pardon???” Sergeant called out, “ Agh, never mind, he’s gone like the wind now.” Turning to his lancers he said, “ Lancers! Chase after that man!”

“ But sergeant, the man is probably gone five miles already.” Corporal Reyes points out.

Sergeant Garcia started, “ You’re righ….” Then he shakes his head and said, “ Don’t you think I know, stupid? I don’t need you to tell me.” Corporal started, “ But….”

“Lancers! To horse!” Sergeant Garcia called out to the lancers ignoring the poor corporal, “ Back to the pueblo!” The lancers gathered themselves and rode back to the pueblo.  At this time, Zorro was having a rough trip home.