Finally Revealed

Description: An amnesty was offered to our beloved masked man, Diego can finally lead a new life and his father will finally know the truth of his son, but something happened during the unmasking, someone from Diego's past had come and ruined everything…..

Disclaimer: The characters in the story I used do not belong to me, they all belong to the Disney's television series in the late 1950's.  However, Jose Desoto does belong to me, if anyone is interested in using him, please inform me. Thanks!

Authors note: I had always dreamed of what would happen if Zorro really accepted the amnesty in one of the shows on the second season. So I finally couldn't take it anymore, I wrote the story the way I think that might happen if he did accept it.  I thought of him accepting it at Los Angeles in stead of Monterey. This is the first time I wrote a story on line, so if there is any mistakes, sorry!

Chapter One

 It was a bright and shiny day, no clouds can be seen at sight.  Everyone in the pueblo of La Reinda De Los Angeles had gathered around the plaza chattering about.  A very important event was to be done tomorrow……the unmasking of the darkangel of Los Angeles, Zorro.  The governor realized that Zorro was not an ordinary bandit, he had never harmed a single person, not even the banditos he caught.  After days of thinking of this situation, he decided that this masked bandit deserves to be free after so many long fighting years.

At this moment, Don Alejandro and his son, Diego, had joined a friend in the tavern having some wine while discussing the matter.

" Do you all really think that Zorro will come? " Diego asked curiously while sipping some wine.  Eyeing his servant Bernado, who was standing nearby listening to the conversation.

The friend, Ricardo De Almo, a caballero that is a practical joker replied casually, "Of course he will not Diego, he won't have the guts to come out to the crowd and let everyone see his face." Chuckling slightly, " Especially Anna Maria"

" But what if he does?" Diego asked again, thinking what he should do at the same time.

" But he won't Diego, I know he won't, I would bet all my fortune on that to you Diego." Ricardo answered impatiently as he poured more wine into his tin jug, gesturing to the innkeeper to bring more wine to them.  Don Alejandro suddenly spoke up, " I believe Zorro will know what he really needs to do.  He is still needed in this pueblo, the military is still treating our people as if they are animals."  Looking at Diego he continued, " if I was this demon Zorro, I would still keep my mask on and ride for justice until a fair commandante is appointed, if that could be possible."

" Doesn't this bandit Zorro also deserve a life of his own? He is a man like us, is he not?"  Diego said quietly, staring at his jug.  " Ha!" was all Ricardo replied, he was still furious that Anna Maria fell for a simple bandit instead of a "fine" caballero like he is.

" He will know what he is supposed to do" Alejandro said while gathering his things, " I will have to take care of some business before the event, I'll see you later my son."  Diego nodded as he and Ricardo prepared to leave also.  Throwing a few pesos on the table, they walked out the tavern.

Riding back to the de la vega hacienda, with Bernado by his side.  Being a loyal servant and a dear friend for over eight years, he can easily see what his young master is thinking about.  Deigo, lost in thought nearly ran into Anna Maria on the road.  " Whoa!" cried Diego, as the stallion he rode slighly touched her mare.
"Deigo! What on earth happened to you?" Anna Maria said with surprise, " I had never seen you so deep in thought, what's the matter?"  Seeing Anna Maria now made him feel as there is no problems at all….for now….

Grinning sheepishly, he replied, " Lo sientes Anna Maria, it seems that I'm not really myself today." Anna Maria said with a smile, " I can see that Deigo, oh have you heard?"

Pretending to be confused he replied, " Heard what?"

" Oh Diego! The governor decided to free Zorro!" She said with her face glowing with deep happiness.  Glancing at Bernado he said, " Oh that, si, I have heard about it, everyone including me was talking about it this morning."

" Si Diego, I have been doing the same thing also" She said with her face blushing into shades of red, " He had promised our future together."  Deigo, still thinking about the matter decided it's time to depart, " Well senorita, I wish you the best of everything, I wish I could stay longer to talk to you about it, but I have some things to attend to, I shall see you again shortly. Adios!" He said turning his stallion around towards the hacienda.

" Adios! I'll see you soon!' Anna Maria called as she rode back home.

" Si, mi senorita, we will meet again soon" Diego thought.