Finally Revealed
Chapter two

 A platform was set in the plaza, people of the pueblo had all gathered around waiting for the sound of the Angeles to sing.  Governor Rico had just arrived into town, clutching a roll of papers in his hand.  He stepped up the platform as sergeant Garcia lead the people out of the way.  Ricardo, carrying a candy box, held Anna Maria with the arm and entered the pueblo.  All the people were excited.  That’s when a stranger walked into the crowd without being noticed.  He eyed around the pueblo and when he saw the governor, an evil smile creep on his face.

 “ Good people of Los Angeles!”  Governor Rico called.  Everyone stopped chattering.  “ I believe everyone had heard about the pardon for Zorro, which is true, I’m a fair man and I know how everyone feels about this mysterious bandit.”  Anna Maria’s face lit up.  “ I had looked over his records and found out that this man is guilty of no charges.” A bright cheer went up as some peons threw their hats up in the air.  Governor Rico held up his hand for silence, he continued, “ There for, I had decided to give this protector amnesty, if he decide to accept it, he will be a free man from now on, but if he does not, he shall remain an outlaw.

 “ But your Excellency, I will!” A cultural voice suddenly called out.  Anna Maria at once knew who it was.  “ Zorro!” she cried nervously.  Everyone looked up as the masked man jumped down from the rooftop.  He made his way to the platform and took her hand to his lips.  “Buenas tardes senorita.” He said as he kissed her hand softly.  He gave her a nod as he walked towards Rico.

 “ Zorro, I would like to tell you how thankful we are for the help you have given as through the past eight years. Rico started.  ” This amnesty is a little token to show you how grateful we are.”

 “ Gracias your Excellency” Zorro replied with emotion in his voice, “ I did all I can for the people, I will always be glad to help out even if I had already received an amnesty.”  He looked at Anna Maria with a smile, “ I will always be there for you all, you can still count on me.” When he finished, Governor Rico noticed that the people still haven’t left the plaza, he asked what was there purpose.  A peon shout out to Zorro, “ Senor Zorro! Do we people have to the honor to see the face of the darkangel?”

 Anna Maria and all the people looked at Zorro, Bernado, who was in the crowd also, eyed at his young master.  Zorro glanced towards him; Bernado nodded with pride, knowing that his master will finally free just makes him feel happy.  Zorro walked over to Anna Maria and said, “ Senorita, will you do the honors?” Anna Maria looked at him with surprise, he took off his black sombrero and let in hang down his back as Anna Maria slowly reached the tightly tied knot behind his head.  Diego’s heart now thumped with fear. Will she accept Diego? How would she think? Just when she was about to loosen the knot, something shiny across the plaza disturbed him, and then he realized what it was.

 “ Look out your Excellency!” He cried, as a shot rang out, he turned and pushed the governor to the ground, he felt a line of fire raced through he right arm.  He winced with pain.  Woman and children screaming with fear, a man holding a pistol rushed away on his horse as the lancers shot at him, missing every shot, Zorro knew that he would have to work again.  He pulled his mask into position as he whistled for his faithful stallion, Tornado.  Tornado came immediately when he heard the signal, he reared as Zorro jumped on his back and went to chase the mysterious man.

Ricardo, rushing over to Anna Maria, he asked, “ Anna Maria, are you alright?” Anna Maria looked at the way Zorro went, she replied, “ Si Ricardo, I’m alright, but…” she stammered, “ I fear that Zorro is not, I saw him took the bullet that was meant for the governor!” She cried fearing for her love as Ricardo took her back to the carriage they came with to settle her down.  The Governor recovered from where he had been pushed by Zorro, he angrily order the lancer to go chase that whatever bandit with Zorro, “ Are you all idiots! You are soldiers! Now get on with it!” he yelled, the lancers had put their feet back together and head toward where Zorro and the man had went.  Just as Rico was going back to his office, he noticed that the roll of papers that prove Zorro is a free man is now scattered on the ground, he went over and picked it up decided that he will give it back to Zorro until he comes back.