Finally Revealed
Chapter 8

Diego barely made through the secret passage when his father was yelling at

" Diego! Where have you been all morning?" Don Alejandro said with anger.

Not knowing why his father is angry he replied, " I'm sorry father, I.."

" Never mind where you went," Don Alejandro hollered, " take a look at this!"
 He thrust a piece of wrinkled paper to Diego, " this was found in front of
our gate this morning, Benito found it."  Diego unfolded the paper and read
the contents written in it, as he read, anger also rise upon him, now he
knows why his father was in such a bad mood.  It was a note from Desoto.

Diego de la vega,
Brenda is now with me, do not
Worry for he is in good hands,
If you want him back you shall
Do as I told you the other day,
If you fail to show tomorrow, then you will
Never see your servant again, for
He shall remain with me. If you come to
Find him you will lose everything you have,
Everyone you care.  Your choice.

" Do you know who send this Diego?" Alejandro asked, noticing the normal
color of his skin is turning into deep red, " Why Brenda?"  Diego replied
harshly," I know perfectly why, father, please let me take care of this
myself."  ' But my son…….."  " Father, " Diego said sternly, " Please, let
me handle this alone." Don Alejandro had never seen Diego this serious and
stern about something, in fact, he was rather happy that he will finally
stand up for something, " alright, my son, but please be careful in whatever
you are planning to do."  Diego muttered, ' Si, father, I will, com permiso?"
 Diego left the room; Don Alejandro looked on, shook his head and went back
to his work, leaving Diego to the situation, wondering how he's going to do

Diego glanced around the hall, he slipped back to his room quietly and went
into the secret room, he looked at the note he held in his hands and ripped
it, " Desoto, so you really done it this time." He muttered to himself, he
can feel his temper rising.  Brenda was not just a servant; he was his loyal
friend, knowing that Desoto will really harm him if you went to the camp, he
decided to keep quiet.  Hoping that his friend is well, he went back to his

" Diego!"

He heard his father calling as he came out; he went to the sala just in time
to see Anna Maria coming through the door.

Diego walked over trying to be as casually as possible; he had masked himself
for over 5 years, which was no difficult task.  "  Anna Maria! What a
pleasant surprise," He reached for her slim hand and kissed it ever so
slightly, Anna Maria suddenly felt the resemblance to someone else, " It
couldn't be, Diego, Zorro? Impossible." She thought.

" Buenas Tardes, Diego! " She smiled sweetly, " may I have a word with you
por forvor?"

" Why certainly, why don't we go to the garden, it's much more peaceful then
out here."  Diego suggested.

" Of course, that sounds very nice." Anna Maria replied.

Diego took Anna Maria by the arm as they strolled into the garden, Don
Alejandro looked at them and sighed, wishing that Diego would finally come to
his senses to settle down and have children! How he longed for grandchildren
running around the hacienda with laughter.

As they walked into the garden, they were met by fresh scents of flowers as
the wind blew gently across their faces, Diego lead Anna Maria to the center
of the garden, they sat down at the chairs.  Anna Maria gazed at the rose
bushes that were just planted besides her, she lifted one up and admired the
scent, it was enchanting.

" You grow fine roses in your garden Diego, you and your father must be very
proud with it."  She complimented.

" Well, we must thank the gardeners that help us around."  Diego smiled, "
and just what you want to say? Is something troubling you?"

Anna Maria's smile faded when Diego reminded her to purpose why she came
here, " Si, Diego, I do have a slight problem." She said quietly.

" About what?"

Anna Maria replied, " It's about Zorro."

Diego tensed, " What about him?"

" I'm really worried about him Diego, he's wounded and he's going to duel
this man tomorrow! Oh, Diego, what if he gets killed?"

" I believe that he knows how to take care himself Anna Maria."  Diego said
unsteadily, trying to mask the unsteadiness in his voice.  He leaned against
the fence and gazed at the far fields.  Anna Maria turned to face him,
which's when she saw something shocked her very much.  A small silver heart
necklace was dangling down his neck.  Just when she thought of asking who
gave it to him, she saw a "Z" engraved on it.  " It couldn't be." She
thought, " I had that necklace made specially, Diego could not possibly buy
the same one.  How did it get to Diego's hands?"  Diego turned back and saw
her looking at him.

" Is something wrong?" Diego asked.

" Oh, nothing really." Anna Maria answered, getting back to her senses.  "
How did Diego have that? Could he be Zorro? No, impossible, he cannot be
Zorro!" she thought.

" Anna Maria? Are you sure you are feeling alright?" Diego asked again.

Anna Maria looked at him strangely, " Of course I feel alright, why do you

Diego chuckled and said, " Well, you were staring straight ahead of you like
you were in another world."

" Oh, I'm really sorry Diego, it's just that I'm really worried about Zorro
tomorrow, can he possibly win?"

Diego tensed again, " When was the time he lost?  He's as cunning and smart
as a fox, I don't believe you have to worry about that."

Anna Maria looked up at Diego, " I guess you are right, I am worrying too
much."  She smiled and toyed with a flower petal.

Diego laughed and said, " I'm sure he will appreciate your worrying about

Anna Maria's face lit up and said, " Do you really think so?" Diego nodded
his head with a smile.

" Oh, Diego, you're the best!" Anna Maria said.

" Ha! Ha! Well, as long as you are happy."

" I believe it's getting late now, I shall take my leave."

" Are you leaving so early? Why don't you stay with us for dinner?"  Diego

" I believe that my uncle is expecting me back home, maybe some other time
would be fine."

" All right then."

Diego walked with Anna Maria to the gate and helped her mounted her mare, he
bid her farewell and watched her ride away.  He sighed and went back inside.
Diego went to the library expecting some peace there but his father was
sitting in his favorite chair enjoying a book.  Don Alejandro looked up as
his son walked in the door.

" So what did she wanted to talk about, my son? " Don Alejandro asked with a
smile on his face.

Diego replied hastily, " Nothing much really."

" Oh really Diego, you call inviting you to the garden and talking to you is
nothing much?"  Diego rolled his eyes, " She merely just wants to talk about
the event that is placed tomorrow noon."  Don Alejandro said, " Ah, her
beloved dueling with that man?"  Diego nodded. Changing the subject he said,
" I hope that bernado is all right."  That's when Don Alejandro's temper
start rising,  " You haven't done a thing that concerns your servant, and you
think that he might be all right now?  When is the time you will make any
move?"  Diego sighed and said, " I have no choice Father…"  " What do you
mean you have no choice? You have lots of choices my son, stop being such a
weakling, a coward, and a lazy person! Start taking action in this thing!"

This is going much too far, Diego can hardly keep his temper down, he can
feel anger rising up, he wanted so much just to yell out that he is Zorro, he
is the one that is to battle tomorrow.  But he cannot let his temperament to
make him give out such information to his own father.  Instead he calmly
said, " Father, I am who I am, can't you not accept that?"  Don Alejandro had
had enough of this; he stormed out of the library.  Diego looked on and
sighed, " You will understand why my Father, soon." He said to himself and
walked away.