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Rules on my list:  (Protection of the Members)

1.  Because unsubscribe messages upsets some members,  I have added a "No Remove me or Unsubcribe policy" on the list.  Spammers were getting on just to send these messages as well.  They were upsetting my members .  (Book mark this page so that you can subscribe and unsubscribe at your on will).    I'm not going to have my Zorro members upset.  I have to look out for my list members.
2.  Supporter of the Atkins Diet -  No attacks against me or the Late Atkins and his Diet.
3.  Tape trading is allowed but no money can be mentioned (that's illegal to sell them).
4.  Any personal attacks against members that is sent on the list (for everyone to see) will be deleted or rejected.  Email them individually.  Not on the list so that everyone will see it.
5.  NO Sexual or Porn stuff.  I will reject immediately.

Four Options to meet your needs.

Special Notices would be kind of a private Zorro list where only I send important information to the list.  I'm the only one you will receive messages from.

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