Zorro's Biography

Based on New World Zorro

Character Bio's

Diego - Born 1793

Born in Madrid, Spain

Later will Become Zorro - The Fox

Father - Don Alejandro Mother - Elena Felicidad
Diego's Twin Brother-

Gilberto Resendo

Mid Wife - Anez Resendo - Stole Diego's Twin Brother at Child Birth and Raised him to be her own Son with hatred of Diego and His Father. Diego - In his 20's - Took Fencing - Fencing Master Sir Edmund Kendell - A British Knight.
Felipe - Servant to Diego and the De La Vega's - Keeper of the secret of El Zorro. Victoria Escalante - Ran the Tavern - Falls in Love with Zorro the Fox. Luis Ramone - Alcalde of Los Angeles - ruthless - later will fall to his death after unmasking Zorro.

Ignacio de Soto - Will Steal his way to being the next Alcalde of Los Angeles -

Sergeant Mendoza - Sergeant to Alcalde Luis Ramone and Ignacio de Soto. Lover of Victoria's Tamales