Zorro Historiogram

Diego de la Vega was born 1793 in Madrid, Spain. He was the son of Alejandro de la Vega and Elena Felicidad. Shortly after Diego was born, they went to California, USA. to establish a new home. Later, Diego will return to Madrid and attend school at Madrid University where he will study the arts and sciences. He will also pick up on some fencing taught to him by Sir Edmund Kendel, a British Knight.

While in Madrid, Diego receives a letter from his father. His father has summoned him home to deal with the Alcalde. The alcalde is a ruthless villian who robs and steals from the poor. Diego gets on the ship and returns home to Pueblo Los Angeles. His father gives Diego a detail description about the problems in Los Angeles. Diego knows there's not much he can do with the situation as Diego. Anything he did might put Alejandro in danger.

Diego decides to create El Zorro "The Fox" - A masked bandit who rides for truth and justice. Diego enlists a friend Felipe/Bernado (depends on what version) to help him in his fight. Felipe/Bernado is Zorro's trusted side kick. Felipe/Bernado pretends they cannot hear so that they can spy on the alcalde and listen and inform Diego of their plans. However, neither can speak but they communicate through sign language.

Diego next plan is to find a hideout for his scientific experiments and for El Zorro. He shows Felipe/Bernado the hidden passageways that are in the hacienda. These passageways leads to a cave. This cave makes a perfect hideout for Zorro.

Diego also enlists the aid of Tornado - To-ro-na-da. A black stallion who runs like the wind.

The only ones that knows Diego's true identy is Bernado/Felipe. To hide his identy Diego pretends to be a whimp, a non careing person.

Zorro/Diego is an excellent fencer, and he uses a whip. Those are his two main weapons.