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 Update 11/15/2019
Weight (2011-253) (2019-166.5) = 86.5
It's official now.  No one on Facebook seems to care what I post anymore.  People who used to like things I post quit liking, they quit writing me and having anything to do with me.  I will continue to update the karaoke page but the rest of me is here now. 
Singer, Ghost Hunter, Low Carb, Trains, Fine Dinning (Mexican, Irish, Greek, Italian and more), Karaoke, Health, Easy Listening Music, Monsters, UFO's. 
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Horizon GrassFed Milk  
Annie's Organic Buscuits
Hatfields Recipe Essentials (Pork - Grassfed) No Antibiotics and No Hormones
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  1. Joe Moore (Pasture raised, No antibiotics, No Hormones, & No MSG's) 

Joe Moores Meats

  1. Stoney Creek (Pasture raised, No Antibiotics, No Hormones, & No MSG's)
  2. Stoney Creek Prices:   InformationPrices
  3. Stuarto's Olive Oil Company, Bowling Green (Authentic)
  4. Bluegrass Vineyards Smiths Grove, KY  Picture
  5. Farmers Market - Barren County, KY
  6. Mushrooms- Prayer Mountain Farm  (Picture)
  7. More added in future

My diet consist of the following programs:
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Shows on Video
  1. What the Heck Should I Eat,
  2. Keto Diet With Dr Josh Axe,
  3. 3 Steps to Pain Free,
  4. 3 Steps to incredible Health,
  5. Dr. Kellyann 10 day Belly Slimdown.
  6. Testosterone Boosting Foods
  7. More Testosterone Booster
  8. Swerve Cake Mixes
  9. Indian Kino - Regenerates beta Cells
  10. Insulin Plant (Diabetic cure)
  11. Simple Greens, LLC (Hyrdoponics)
  12. South 4 Farms LLC (Pure Maple Syrup) Scottsville
  13. Zevia Diet Drink - Natural & sweetened with Stevia

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