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The FCC has just announced that they will be regionalizing radio stations. This means that radio stations across the US will have to stop playing songs from a single artist/band and instead play songs from different artists. Many people favor this because the more diverse music played on the radio, the broader their tastes are likely to be. Some people think this decision is going too far, though. They believe that it will lead to less diversity in music and thus a gradual decline of the American culture. One person who has even written a book on the subject is John Swansburg, who claims that it is “immoral” to force radio station owners to play more genres of music. He also says that the stations that decide to go with one genre of music will tend to be “homogeneous” and will eventually stop playing new artists. A study by a television network found that the more music varied on the radio, the more diverse the audience was. This makes me wonder if radio stations that don’t put many genres in their playlist will end up with only “Dinosaur music lovers” as listeners. Because of this, it is essential for radio stations to continue to play a wide variety of music. It would be inappropriate for the FCC to force radio stations to go back down to one genre and limit their audience.

How Radio Has Changed Many People’s Lives

Radio has had a significant effect on the American way of life. Many people attribute the fast development of America to the radio. It was broadcast in 1920, and by 1930 millions of Americans were listening daily. By 1933 the United States had been moved into the New Deal and made into a “horseless car. Radio has also changed the music industry. By 1935, radio had become the most popular form of indoor entertainment in America. Television was a new idea, and radio was still much larger than today. This rapid growth started a new era of broadcasting called the “Golden Age” of Radio. During this period, radio shows were broadcasted every day, and people were going crazy over them. Especially the radio drama “Little Orphan Annie.” This show became so popular that cereal companies and even newspapers started to print Little Orphan Annie comic strips. The Internet finally ended it all, and now we have television.

Radio has become a form of entertainment in America. Eight out of ten people spend their time listening to music, talk shows, or sports while they work.

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